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Bordeaux 2021 Left bank

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Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC)
AOC stands for “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée”. It tells you where the wine comes from, its origin. It also tells you that the wine is made according to the criteria of this AOC.
Classification (Class.)
Most of these wines belong to one of the Bordeaux classifications:
1st-5th GCC - The famous 1855 Médoc Grand Cru Classé Classification (61 wines). The list starts with the top 5 of 1st Classed Growths.
1st GCC a & b and GCC - The St-Emilion Premier Grand Crus (class a and class b) and the Grand Cru Classés.
CB - The Médoc Cru Bourgeois Classification (1932). Last renewed in 2003 (with at the top the 9 Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel followed by the Cru Bourgeois Supérieur classed wines, this 2003 classification is used for the overviews 2004 - 2006). In February 2007 the classification was annuled by the Bordeaux Administrative Appeals Court, and in November 2007 it was decided that the classification would be continued but without the sub-classes at the top.
CC Grav. - All Graves wines classified (1959) as Cru Classé de Graves are located in the Pessac-Léognan region (as individual AOC established in 1987).
Size in hectares (Size)
This column tells you what the size is of the property in hectares (ha). Note that seldomly all land is used to make the first wine of the estate. Most châteaux also make a second and even a third wine on the estate.
William Kelley, Wine Advocate (WA)
English wine critic, living in France and California, publishing on, starting with the Bordeaux 2021 vintage. He rates the wines on a scale from 75 to 100. The vintages 2017-2020 were rated by Lisa Perrotti-Brown. An asterisk (*) means that it is the best wine from the château that Robert Parker ever tasted as a barrel sample. Not all wines are (already) rated.
Jancis Robinson (JR)
English wine critic publishing on her website, wines are also often rated by team members like Julia Harding MW and James Lawther MW. Wines are rated on a scale from 10 to 20. Not all wines are (already) rated.
Jeff Leve (JL)
American wine critic publishing on his website Wines are rated on a scale from 75 to 100. Not all wines are (already) rated.
Jane Anson (JA)
English wine journalist formerly writing for Decanter Magazine and now publishing on her website Inside Bordeaux. She rates the wines on a scale from 75 to 100. Ratings from 2013 and earlier were published on her previous website New Bordeaux. Not all wines are (already) rated.
Chris Kissack (CK)
English wine critic, publishing on Winedoctor. He rates the wines on a scale from 75 to 100. Not all wines are (already) rated.
Consumer price in euro (Price)
The price shown is the average initial consumer "en primeur" price with tax included. Use it as a guideline, as an indication to assess the prices that you encounter.
Price change percentage (+/–)
This column compares the initial consumer price of the displayed year with the consumer price of the preceding year. If both consumer prices are known, a percentage is shown for the price increase (+) or price drop (–).
Palmer (buy)2021Margaux3rd GCC5295-97·17+····94-96··96···93-95€ 3390%
le Petit Mouton de Mouton-Rothschild (buy)2021Pauillac2nd wine8389-91·16.5····92-94··92···90-92€ 2400%
Pichon-Longueville Comtesse (buy)2021Pauillac2nd GCC8594-95+·17····94-96··95···92-94€ 1890%
Pichon-Longueville Baron (buy)2021Pauillac2nd GCC5094-96+·17····93-95··94···93-95€ 1560%
Haut-Bailly (buy)2021Pessac-LéognanCC Grav.3294-95+·16.5+····94-96··95···92-94€ 1360%
Léoville-Poyferré (buy)2021St-Julien2nd GCC80··17+····93-95··95···91-93€ 1020%
Clerc Milon (buy)2021Pauillac5th GCC3092-94·16.5····92-94··92···90-92€ 810%
Grand-Puy-Lacoste (buy)2021Pauillac5th GCC5592-94+······92-94··93···90-92€ 720%
Lascombes2021Margaux2nd GCC8489-91·16····91-93··91···91-93€ 700%
Domaine de Chevalier (buy)2021Pessac-LéognanCC Grav.3393-95·17····93-95··94···92-94€ 670%
d'Issan (buy)2021Margaux3rd GCC3090-93·16.5····92-94··94···90-92€ 600%
Petit Lion de Léoville-Las-Cases (buy)2021St-Julien2nd wine9788-90+·16+····89-91··91···87-89€ 600%
Giscours (buy)2021Margaux3rd GCC8093-95·16.5····92-94··93···89-91€ 590%
Saint-Pierre (buy)2021St-Julien4th GCC1791-93·16.5····91-93··93···90-92€ 550%
Cantenac-Brown2021Margaux3rd GCC4292-94·16+····92-94··93···87-89€ 500%
Réserve de la Comtesse (buy)2021Pauillac2nd wine8589-91+·············88-90€ 480%
d'Armailhac (buy)2021Pauillac5th GCC5091-93·16····90-92··92···89-91€ 470%
les Pagodes de Cos (buy)2021St-Estèphe2nd wine6490-92·16····90-92··90···90-92€ 450%
Phélan-Ségur (buy)2021St-EstèpheCB8992-93+·16.5+····92-94··90···90-92€ 450%
Kirwan2021Margaux3rd GCC3584-86·16····88-90··91···88-90€ 440%
Langoa-Barton (buy)2021St-Julien3rd GCC1792-94·16.5····90-92··92···89-91€ 430%
Marquis de Terme (buy)2021Margaux4th GCC3889-91·16.5+····91-93··90···89-91€ 430%
Malartic-Lagravière2021Pessac-LéognanCC Grav.4190-92·15.5+····92-94··92···87-89€ 420%
Ferrière (buy)2021Margaux3rd GCC890-92+·15.5····88-90··90····€ 400%
du Tertre (buy)2021Margaux5th GCC5090-93·16.5····90-92··92···86-88€ 400%
Marojallia2021Margaux·487-89······90-92······89-91€ 400%
la Lagune (buy)2021Haut-Médoc3rd GCC8090-92·16.5·······91···88-90€ 390%
Haut-Bages Libéral (buy)2021Pauillac5th GCC2891-93·16+····90-92··91····€ 390%
Gloria (buy)2021St-Julien·4490-92·16····89-91··91···88-90€ 390%
Pédesclaux (buy)2021Pauillac5th GCC2886-88······91-93··91···88-90€ 380%
Prieuré-Lichine2021Margaux4th GCC6890-92·16.5·······92···87-89€ 370%
Desmirail2021Margaux3rd GCC3087-88·15.5+····87-89··87···88-90€ 360%
Lynch-Moussas2021Pauillac5th GCC5789-91·15.5····91-93··89···87-89€ 350%
la Tour-Carnet2021Haut-Médoc4th GCC4889-91·16····89-91··90···88-90€ 330%
Croizet-Bages2021Pauillac5th GCC3087-88······88-90··90···83-85€ 330%
Carbonnieux (buy)2021Pessac-LéognanCC Grav.47··16+····90-92··89···89-91€ 320%
Couhins-Lurton2021Pessac-Léognan·1889-90······90-92··92···88-90€ 320%
Cos-Labory2021St-Estèphe5th GCC18··16+····89-91··86···86-88€ 310%
de Camensac2021Haut-Médoc5th GCC6589-90·15.5+·······89···85-87€ 290%
Marquis de Calon (buy)2021St-Estèphe2nd wine7489-91·16.5····89-91··89···88-90€ 290%
Bouscaut2021Pessac-LéognanCC Grav.3986-87·16.5····89-91··89···88-90€ 280%
Lacoste Borie (buy)2021Pauillac2nd wine5589-90······88-90··87···86-88€ 280%
Monbrison2021MargauxCB13··16.5·······87···84-86€ 280%
Branas Grand Poujeaux2021Moulis·588-90······88-90··87····€ 280%
Cantemerle (buy)2021Haut-Médoc5th GCC8790-91·15.5····90-92··87···88-90€ 270%
Poujeaux (buy)2021MoulisCB5589-91·15.5····89-91··90···86-88€ 270%
Brown2021Pessac-Léognan·23·······89-91··90···91-93€ 270%
Arnauld2021Haut-MédocCB39·······87-89··90····€ 250%
Blason d'Issan (buy)2021Margaux2nd wine3088-89·16····88-90··88···86-88€ 240%
Bellegrave (Pauillac)2021PauillacCB885-87·········89···85-87€ 240%
Maucaillou2021MoulisCB6886-87·16····84-86··86···86-88€ 240%
la Gurgue2021MargauxCB1088-90·15.5····86-88··89····€ 230%
Petit Bocq2021St-EstèpheCB13··15.5····89-91··88···87-89€ 200%
Tour de Pez2021St-EstèpheCB16·······87-89··86····€ 200%
Citran2021Haut-MédocCB9086-87·15····85-87··85···85-87€ 190%
Clauzet2021St-EstèpheCB23··········85····€ 180%
Cambon la Pelouse2021Haut-MédocCB63··········88····€ 170%
Coufran2021Haut-MédocCB7586-88·14.5····88-87··83···83-85€ 160%
les Grands Chênes2021MédocCB1087-89······89-91··89···83-85€ 160%
Lanessan2021Haut-MédocCB4588-90······88-90··90···84-86€ 160%
Fourcas-Dupré2021Listrac-MédocCB4688-90·15.5+·······87···85-87€ 150%
Mayne Lalande2021Listrac-MédocCB20···············€ 150%
Caronne Ste Gemme2021Haut-MédocCB4587-88+······83-85··91···80-82€ 140%
Beaumont2021Haut-MédocCB10587-89·15.5····86-88··85···85-87€ 130%
d'Escurac2021MédocCB20··········91····€ 130%
Lafite-Rothschild (buy)2021Pauillac1st GCC10395-97·17.5++····96-98··97···92-94€ 684–1%
Duhart-Milon (buy)2021Pauillac4th GCC7191-93+·16+····91-93··93···88-90€ 79–1%
Margaux (buy)2021Margaux1st GCC8195-97+·17.5····96-98··95···93-95€ 599–2%
Mouton-Rothschild (buy)2021Pauillac1st GCC8395-96·17.5+····95-97··95···93-95€ 599–2%
Pape Clément (buy)2021Pessac-LéognanCC Grav.3091-94·15····93-95··93···91-93€ 87–2%
Talbot (buy)2021St-Julien4th GCC10291-92+·16++····89-91··92···90-92€ 56–2%
Malescot-Saint-Exupéry2021Margaux3rd GCC2392-94·17····92-94··90···89-91€ 54–2%
Beychevelle (buy)2021St-Julien4th GCC7491-94·16.5····92-94··92···88-90€ 84+2%
Durfort-Vivens (buy)2021Margaux2nd GCC3092-94·16.5····91-93··93····€ 62+2%
Haut-Brion (buy)2021Pessac-Léognan1st GCC4396-98·18····95-97··95···93-95€ 593–3%
Ducru-Beaucaillou (buy)2021St-Julien2nd GCC5594-96·17.5····95-97··96···93-95€ 221–3%
Sociando-Mallet (buy)2021Haut-Médoc·7289-91······89-91··91····€ 33–3%
les Carmes Haut-Brion (buy)2021Pessac-Léognan·494-97·17++····94-96··94···93-95€ 114+3%
Pibran (buy)2021PauillacCB1090-92·16+····89-91··90···89-91€ 35+3%
Latour-Martillac (buy)2021Pessac-LéognanCC Grav.30··16+····91-93··89···89-91€ 31+3%
Labégorce2021MargauxCB3690-91·16.5····90-92······87-89€ 30+3%

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